Zuzana Jezikova


Zuzana Jezikova is a visual artist of Czech and Slovak origin, currently living in Killaloe, Co. Clare. She studied graphic design at the Professional School of Arts in Prague, and she also holds an honours degree in Art and Design from Limerick School of Art and Design (LSAD), where she graduated in 2015.
In expressing her concept, Zuzana works with various media, leading to a wide range of work from collages and paintings to ceramic sculptures. Zuzana has a particular interest in observing the impact external events bring to human lives and the psyche through cultural influences such as traditional storytelling.

“My work is predominantly inspired by Celtic mythology and legends.
These are the stories that people were telling and passing on to each other while sitting around fires, the impact of storytelling strengthened by the contrast of fire light and the surrounding darkness.
The narrative also had a cleansing effect. A quality today long forgotten, it helped people to address their own conflict by offering solutions, or simply helping to accept life with all of its challenges.”

Within a relatively short professional career to date, Zuzana has won several awards. She exhibits her work in various galleries throughout Ireland.


Zuzana Jezikova
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