Denise Borge



I was born in South Africa and have been resident in Ireland for many years. Ennis became my hometown until I moved to Tulla in East Clare. Living in the countryside has been a joy with Tulla also providing easy access to towns, cities and coastal areas. We have camped in and explored many parts of Ireland and I have discovered a wealth of beauty which encouraged me to put brush and pencil to paper to capture what I saw. I use various media which include watercolour, oil, acrylic, coloured pencils and more recently graphite pencils. Each of these media has a different story to tell whether it’s about coastal scenery, landscapes, birds or animals. My camera accompanies me where ever I go so that even if the light changes, I can capture the mood of the scene in front of me. Anyone who has one of my paintings will also have one of my memories which I am delighted to share.
In addition to being purchased locally my work has journeyed to Dublin, America and the UK. I have been a member of the Inis Artists since the group was first established and over the years have found great value in the numerous exhibitions in which I have participated under its umbrella.


3,Cuirt na Bhfiach, Church Road, Tulla, Co. Clare

T 065 6831853
M 087 6842026