Dominic McNamara


I never set out to paint or draw in just one subject, I love history and nature and you will see that this reflects in a lot of my work. My work includes everyday life from landscape, seascapes to old architecture and people.

So really what better country could I be living in than the island of Ireland with all that we still have around us? It’s an emporium of historical sites.

I used to paint and draw as a young boy growing up Limerick, but inevitably life got in way and I went to work for a living. I trained as a French polisher and antique furniture restorer where I spent some 17 years working for myself; then moved into restoring period houses. When in 2008 fate stepped in, in the form of a road traffic accident, I had to leave the working environment.

Being retired gave me the opportunity to return to my art so I decided to go to college and study fine art for the next few years,

Since then I have been part of many art exhibitions, displaying my work up and down the country, and also in 2014 I had the honour of been awarded a 2nd Place in Self-portrait, and a 4th Place in Portrait of Someone not Famous in the American Art Awards.

So! Here I am, I love working with oil paint, the texture, the feel and warmth it gives, and it lets me have the time to make myself happy doing what I do.

I also sketch with charcoal and pencil, the richness and depth that charcoal gives always makes an outstanding drawing.

My work is done with pleasure and I can only hope other people can take pleasure from it.


Dominic McNamara
36 Inis Ealga, Shannon
T 061 364702
M 087 9720935
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